Stylish beach houses overlooking one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Trang Islands.

Spacious elevated beach bungalows directly on the sea-front, no obstruction of view.

Every beach house has a four metre-wide balcony with a two metre elevation, perfect for catching the cool breeze. All houses are built by local carpenters using locally sourced materials. The style is solid wooden structure, bamboo weave, traditional grass roofs, wooden floors; the finishing is hand-made teak, redwood, reed and cane furniture.

The bungalows are designed with traditional sheaves of local grass in a ‘thatch’ style. This has the advantage of not only being beautiful and strong but also possessing remarkable ‘breathing’ properties; a secret the Thais have known for centuries. The combination of louvers at the front and back of the houses and wooden slatted teak shutters at the sides enables a flow of air from the sea to pass through the bungalow whilst the heat is convected upwards and out through the tall roof.
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